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Φορέματα για Γάμο, Βάπτιση | Καθημερινά Γυναικεία ρούχα | - Header Section

Φορέματα για Γάμο, Βάπτιση | Καθημερινά Γυναικεία ρούχα | - Main Section

Φορέματα για Γάμο, Βάπτιση | Καθημερινά Γυναικεία ρούχα | - Main Component

Terms: All material of the site is the intellectual property of and companies represented and available to visitors for personal use only. Any republication, reproduction in any medium, with or without treatment, the contents of prior written permission is not permitted. The improper use of means automatically allocating responsibility according to law no. 2121/93 and the rules of international law applicable in Greece.
All text, graphics, images shown in any part of are property of their author.
The respects the intellectual property of others, and invite users of our Service, and do the same. The may in certain cases be terminated - deletes user information that violate the intellectual property of others.
The declares that the personal data requested by users are not granted to anyone else outside the company. These details are required for users to certain services of this site for statistical purposes and to properly process orders. The user at any time he wishes may request deletion of the data from our records.
The not responsible for any damage or loss of visitor use of the site or the information contained therein.

For orders over 50 euros deposit 25% of the value of products.

The believes that users have read this and have accepted unconditionally the terms and conditions of use of the website.


COPYRIGHT The photographs, texts and video clips used by the page of Internet Cafe Moda protected by copyright. Any use of pictures, text, video and called Moda Cafe Allow customers Moda Cafe only in accordance with the following provisions.

At no charge, the Moda Cafe sponsors for simple, revocable, nonexclusive right to use photos and video customers. However, the video clip can be used only with the written consent of Moda Cafe

Nevertheless, this simple right of use shall only apply in relation to the photos and videos of goods received by the customer and paid in full.

Photos and video can only be used in online shops or online auctions. The photographs may neither be printed, or used in other printed or disseminated in any way and form. Video clips can not be modified, reproduced or distributed or publicly available except as permitted herein. This particularly applies to any spread or availability online.

Each existing originator labeling Moda Cafe can not be removed. If such labeling should not be available, the Customer must indicate the author directly combined with pictures, text or video clips.

Regarding the use of photography and video clips, the Customer must ensure that the Moda Cafe may review rights of use in this case with the help of an adequate designation of service providers / suppliers (web site credits).

The right of use is limited by time to the length of supply for the goods ordered by the Moda Cafe. The entitlement ceases when the products sold or the corresponding bid ended because of other reasons. However, the right of use shall expire no later than two years after the picture or video clip for the first time published in Moda Cafe Internet website. A list of publication dates for the respective photos and video clips are available for inspection by the Moda Cafe.

In no event photos and video clips to be used in a context that is in conflict with the intention of photos and video clips, namely to offer the displayed textiles for sale. This is especially true for each performance in a disgraceful manner, in a context of pornographic or other degrading manner and form.

Any use, dissemination or display photos or video clips from the Customer that deviate from this provision: Law 2121/1993 (Government Gazette A'25, 03.04.93) Articles 66A and 66B at n. 2121/1993 and N. 3184/2003 European Union in accordance with Directive 2004/48 / EC, infringes the copyright of MODA CAFE. In any case of infringement of copyright or rights of use, the Customer is obliged to pay compensation for damage to MODA CAFE per day of use.

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